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    Natural Makeup Brushes Set Eyeshadow Make Up Brush Goat

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    Product information:

    Material: Natural beech wood
    Color: 22 pieces, 24 pieces, n bags, 24 pieces, 7 pieces, 11121417192023, 18 pieces, 7 pieces, 57810111219, 8 pieces, 4578110111219, 9 pieces, 1457810111219, 24 pieces, sn5, 24 pieces, sn31n64w, 0123456, 24 pieces, 24 pieces, sn6174


    With this 24 piece collection, any shape can be turned into a work of art.
    This set of handmade makeup brushes gives you complete control over the placement and application of your favorite products.
    Uncut natural bristles are manually bound by a master craftsman, with perfect density and shape for easy mixing
    The large face brush is made of soft and delicate goat hair, which can well pick up powder and blend perfectly.
    Other eye brushes made from goat hair, horse hair, weasel hair, and synthetic hair.
    Each material performs best in shape and function.

    Size Information:
    01 Multifunctional powder brush 4.7cm/20cm
    02 Round powder brush 4.7cm/19.5cm
    03 Powder puff/powder blusher brush 4.0cm/19cm
    04 Outline brush 3.5cm/18.3cm
    05 Highlight/powder blusher brush 3.5cm/18cm
    06 Foundation brush 3.0cm/178cm
    07 Precision highlight brush 2.2cm/18.3cm
    08 Shadow Bottom Brush 1.7cm/178cm
    09 concealer 1.4cm/17.3cm
    10 High gloss diffuse reflection brush 1.5cm/175cm
    11 Mixing brush 1.5cm/175cm
    12 Shader Brush 1.4cm/17.3cm
    13 Angle Shader Brush 0.9cm/16.9cm
    14 point shader 1.3cm/17.4cm
    15 Hard Shader Brush 0.8cm/167cm
    16 Medium Cream Shader 1.2cm/17.2cm
    17 Large Eye Shader 1.4cm/17.3cm
    18 Precision mixer 1.2cm/1.70cm
    19 Precision Pointed Shader 1cm/17cm
    20 Small Shadow Brush 0.9cm/16.9cm
    21 Lip brush 0.7cm/16.6cm
    22 eyebrow pencil 0.7cm/16.6cm
    23 Eyelid brush 0.6cm/16.6cm
    24 fine brush 0.5cm/16.6cm

    Packing list:

    Makeup brush * 7/* 8/* 9/* 18/* 22/* 24pcs