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    Pet Deodorant Cat Urine Litter Box Air Purifier For Cat Toilet Pet Odor Eliminator Sterilization Ozone Air Cleaner Pets Deodorization

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    1. High efficiency: 2 kinds of sterilization modes, applicable area ≤15m², convenient operation, 1 key switch mode
    2. The dual-effect purification mode effectively decomposes the odorous substances produced in cat feces to produce non-toxic and odorless substances. 24-hour intelligent monitoring of peculiar smell, bacteria, and dust, sterilization, and deodorization every 20 minutes, more efficient and smarter, Make sure that the litter box is always clean.
    3. High-sensitivity recognition of pet toilet status reproduced with high-sensitivity biosensing system, 360 degrees no dead angle intelligent recognition of cats entering and exiting moments, precise switching of worry-free mode and odor-cleaning system, efficient sterilization and deodorization.
    4. Multiple air outlet holes can effectively purify a peculiar smell. Humanized design, the whole panel has multiple air outlet holes, and a small fan is built-in, which can let ozone quickly enter the air and quickly remove peculiar smells in the air.
    5. Fragrance-free deodorization, non-irritating, zero consumables, and longer-lasting: most odor cleaners are added with plant deodorants that are unacceptable for cats, which is a huge burden and torture for cats' sense of smell, and even for cats' livers. Chronic injury
    6. Built-in lithium battery, battery life up to 8-10 days, 3600mah large-capacity lithium battery, no need to replace the battery

    Product information:

    Size: 10.5 x9.5 x3.5 cm
    Weight: 184 g
    Sterilization method: induction
    Material: resin

    Packing list:

    Plastic deodorizer *1